Hi! I’m Sharon Margules


I provide executive coaching for senior and mid-level leaders and leadership transition, team effectiveness, and talent development consulting solutions. I work with clients primarily in North and South America and Europe in technology, retail, financial, and consulting services, healthcare, and non-profit.


As an executive coach, I help my clients realize their untapped potential. Using my philosophy, Set No Limits, I encourage leaders to consider options and make winning choices. Guided by a strong understanding of business and leadership, I provide my clients with practical and proven critical thinking and decision-making strategies for tackling even the most complex challenges.


Sharon has a virtual library of resources and knowledge in her brain, such that she can assess the situations I share, and provide insight as well as useful and practical advice to improve the way I handle situations and people. Most of what she helped me with were subtle, not drastic, changes. So she is able to go past the simple management 101 answers, and get deeper into the nuances of situational management, peer relationships, and leadership. She is agile, creative, and resourceful.

Sharon listens and sees the issues I am confronting clearly. Her approach has helped me to look at things differently and to see new possibilities.

Sharon is thoughtful and direct. She gets to the heart of the matter as a result of her experience and unique perspective. Sharon has helped me tackle challenges I have otherwise avoided.

Sharon is helping me to think through how I lead my team. Through great questions and even the occasional role play, I have learned how to more effectively delegate and communicate with my team.

Sharon challenged me to think about things in a different manner than I am used to.

Sharon – THANK YOU for your time, advice, and coaching. I really enjoyed our sessions and will truly miss having them. It was a nice time for me to share with you my struggles, the things I’m putting into practice after our conversations and to reflect on myself for just a moment each month.

You have a gift in helping people look into themselves and find a level of self-awareness, something that I oftentimes am unable to achieve on my own and certainly not to the degree you were able to achieve.

Thank you: you are wondrous in your job (in my professional opinion). Appreciate your help and the session summary notes and the different models you shared along the way. Helps to keep me in line and serve as reminders along the way.

I’m lost for words for how perceptive and engaged Sharon was during our coaching sessions. I came into the sessions with a general game plan, but Sharon made it something that will be a major part of my career path.

Thank you so much for all your help and support Sharon. You have been there for me through some very tough times and I highly appreciate that.


I constantly encourage my clients to be more curious and explore ideas and options. My own curiosity and commitment to personal growth is achieved by working with and learning from incredible clients, through voracious reading and travel. My parents were generous and began taking my brother and I on amazing adventures around the globe at a very young age. I continue to travel every chance I get with my husband. The snapshots below are of me in Myanmar, India, and Nepal. I can’t wait for my next travels and for new journies working with you.

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Margules Leadership Consulting™

© 2021 Margules Leadership Consulting™. All Rights Reserved.